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Toronto Banking
Four Top Reasons to Buy Gold and Silver Now :

(ARA) - The roller coaster ride in the stock market may give rise to thoughts of other places to keep your money. If the bubble bursts in real estate and the bond market, people's assets could shrink in value.

Today some people are turning to silver and gold as a hedge against an uncertain financial future. Silver and gold have preserved value since the dawn of civilization. They are still the world's unchanging monetary yardstick. They have historically been the heart of monetary systems of most nations, including the United States.

According to James Cook, founder and owner of Investment Rarities, both gold and silver could be set to grow in value. If the dollar falls further in value or if foreigners begin to sell a portion of the $10 trillion in U.S. debt they hold, it will make people in this country nervous. These are precarious times.

1. "Gold and silver play identical roles when conventional investments go sour; they act as a storehouse of value. Whenever currencies fail and economies contract, people turn to gold and silver," says Cook.

2. Gold is scarce. All the gold ever mined would fit in a 20-yard square cube. Demand for silver is greater than the supply. "Silver analysts claim that soon there will not be enough silver to go around."

3. "There have always been panics, crashes, hyperinflations, disaster and depressions," says Cook. "During these events, a majority of gullible citizens suffer unbearable losses. When the financial system locks up, the liquidity doesn't exist for more than a few people to cash out painlessly. Gold insures against the stark punishment inherent in a financial earthquake."

4. Whatever your reason for buying gold or silver, get at least 10 percent of your total net worth into precious metals, then hold them in your possession in a home safe or bank box. Someday they could secure you and protect you against the forces of depression or hyperinflation," advises Cook. The Federal Reserve is doing everything possible to pump out billion of new money. So far it hasn't worked to reinvigorate the economy. Events today are more like the Great Depression than a typical post-war recession.

Investment Rarities was founded in the early '70s and has sold and delivered more than $2 billion in coin and bullion. To speak with a gold and silver expert, call 1-800-328-1860 or visit the company's Web site at

Courtesy of ARA Content

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