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Toronto Banking
Toronto Banking
Bad Employee or Poor Management by Colleen Clarke
As an outplacement consultant I spend a fair amount of time talking to recently terminated employees. Over and over again I hear the same message, "I've had great performance reviews until I was transferred to a new manager then my job responsibilities changed, they didn't realize my strengths and now I've lost my job." Read More...

The Times of Your Life: Tools and Tips to Structure and Manage Time
(ARA) - As colder weather sets in and the days grow shorter, it is a time for getting down to business, back to school and putting our noses to the grindstone. With all of this comes the need for structure. Sometimes it is natural, sometimes we need help. Here are some tips and tools to help make the transition successful. Read More...

Top Ten Daily Habits for Developing the Art of Leadership
Many people are born leaders, yet the ability to lead is actually an art and an amazing collection of skills which can be learned and sharpened. The following top ten daily habits will help you and/or your clients grow as a leader personally, professionally, and spiritually. Read More...

The Rainmaker
Remember when scientists used to seed the clouds to try to make it rain? They would fly over rain clouds and dump salt pellets to try to force the rain from the clouds. I guess they figured that they could just help Nature along a bit. Read More...

Your Personal Strategic Plan
We are faced with all the uncertainties and fears that come with not knowing what's going to happen next; but knowing that, whatever it is, it will come very quickly and without warning. Read More...

Six Breakthrough Strategies for Your Business
Many of the business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals whom I coach have come to me because of that feeling that "there must be more than this". Most are successful, yet have the feeling that they are working harder and are less satisfied. Many were trying to develop a balance between their personal and professional lives. Read More...

Don't park in the Comfort Zone!
Our personal comfort zone is where we are comfortable in what we are doing in our jobs, our lives, our experiences. It is when we have no feelings of risk or anxiety. Some call it being comfortable. Some would call it a rut. Read More...

Developing your Verbal Logo
In this faced-paced, mile-a-minute world, you often have only a few seconds to get your message across. Most modern television and radio commercials are no more than 30 seconds. Where could you use an effective 30 second commercial message about your business? Read More...

How to ask intelligent questions with impact
How would you like a magic way to influence people to do whatever you want them to do? This technique uses win-win psychology. It gives you the power to arrange events to your satisfaction. It puts almost any resource or person at your service to help you get what- ever you want. It gets you the helpful counsel of leaders. Read More...

Winners and Losers
Right here in the title is an acknowledgment of what most people want. To be a winner. To feel like a winner. With all the talk of win- win thinking, we still want to be a winner and to enjoy the positive emotions that accompany being a winner. Read More...

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